Interview with Alice Russell!

ImageQ: Hi Alice, welcome to the West Holts Stage at Glastonbury 2013, we’re delighted you’re here! How far have you come?

A: Brighton down south!

Q: Been to Glastonbury before? 

A: Yes! My first time was a few years back. I was in the Dance tent with Quantic Soul Orchestra and a time after that I was on the Jazz World Stage (now called West Holts) 

Q: Will you have a chance to check out other bands while you’re here?

A: Sadly I have to leave an hour after my set but last time I was here I stayed and partied! But I really want to see Toro Y Moi so I’m glad they’re after us. 

Q: What do you think of Michael Eavis’s beard?

A: I want one!

Q: Besides Glastonbury, what else have you been up to recently?

A: Just been to the States on tour – lots of shows!

Q: If a Martian dropped out of space into West Holts, how would you sum yourself up? 

A: Hmm, raw, emotional power soul!

Q: Glastonbury is renowned for the mad rumours that fly around overt the weekend. Would you care to start one off?

A: I am Mick Jagger!!



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