West Holts nightFormerly known as Jazz World, this stage was renamed West Holts in 2010. Although Jazz is part of the fabulously eclectic mix that appears in this part of the farm, there was still lots of music emanating from this stage that wasn’t really jazzy in nature. So, in 2010 a new name was chosen that connected the stage to Glastonbury’s heritage.

Glastonbury organiser Michael Eavis explained:

“We’re going back to the real roots of Worthy Farm and its history with the name change for the stage. West Holts was a ‘halt’ originally; one of the two places where we had to open the level crossing gates across the old railway line to get the cattle through for milking. It was a fair walk up to the farm, just as it is now, and those cows took some driving!” 

And in tribute to it’s cattle crossing past, visitors to the West Holts will spot a rather friendly looking cow atop the stage, proudly watching the crowd and the acts come and go.

Apparently the cow turned up to be milked a few years ago, loved what she herd (get it?), climbed up the stage (yes, cows can climb) and has returned every year to take her rightful place. mBAa76p1fo_yp7JtlmL7GRPwoNDJGkW1coG3cHkN-M8




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